About Isometrics

What are “overcoming isometrics”?

“Isometrics” comes from two Greek words, “iso” meaning equal and “metria” meaning measure. An isometric exercise involves a static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint. Isometric training is a way to categorize exercises that recruit muscles and exert tension without lengthening or shortening the muscle. 

Why regular isometric exercises are inconvenient and difficult to perform?

  • During the exercise it’s not known how much effort is excreted
  • There is no feedback, one has to track how much time has passed while exerting effort
  • There’s a limited number of isometric exercise machines and normally isometrics are performed with body weight and with the help of  towels, bands and straps

What is ISOSTAGE Training Station?

  • IsoStage training station is designed to gamify isometric exercises, where users not only see the exerted force, but also are motivated to reach targets by excreting force.
  • With IsoStage, users no longer need to track time, count the number of movements or amount of reps. Concentrating on achievement of goals shown on the screen is sufficient for the exercise. The software will keep track of progress and will suggest whether intensity should be increased or reduced.
  • The training station consist of a hardware platform and a tablet with preloaded software
  • Tablet connects to the training station to read measurements and displays results of performed exercises
  • During the exercise, users see a graph of the exerted force and are encouraged to reach preset goals
  • The application tracks progress and sets up users for improvements and gains with their fitness goals